Characters played in current production:

Lady Montague, The Nurse

Career details:

Having been re-called but not cast in the role of a certain recent ex-prime minister’s wife in a new musical - Judith is delighted to be available to indulge her passion for Shakespeare, playing the Nurse here with Troika Collective. She has just finished a run of an adaptation of Merchant of Venice at The Arcola in which she was an Italian tour guide! Recently returned to London, after spending a year in New Zealand, Judith is excited to be back where there is a fabulous variety and quality of work available.

Previous roles include: Titania & Hippolyta, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (NZ) Viola, Twelfth Night; Luciana, Comedy of Errors; Snow White for Ctheatre. Film Includes: Carol ‘Sunstroke’ 14-26films (feature in post-production); Louisa ‘The Other Woman’ (short); The Heroine in a 1920’s silent movie style music video for ‘Get Well Soon’: Writing – ‘Shakespeare 4 Breakfast’ 2005.

Judith is currently seeking representation.
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