Characters played in current production:

Benvolio, The Apothecary

Career details:

Theatre Credits include: Tutor (Medea/Theatro Technis); JJ (Mr Whippendale/English Theatre of Bruges); Prince Florizel (Snow White/Theatre Royal, Crewe): Fleance (Macbeth/Wimbledon Studios); Hob Gelding (Catchy/Bedlam Theatre); Mark (Act of Murder/The Studios); Billy (Elegies/Brentwood & Fortune Theatres); Vince (Ashes to Ashes/The Courtyard Theatre); Hamlet (Secret Love Life of Ophelia/Cricketeers Theatre); Robert Treacher (Strangers on a Train/Theatre Royal, Notts); Charles Murdoch (The Ghost Train/Theatre Royal, Notts).

TV/Film Credits include: Jerzy Szamota (Diary of Jerzy Szamota/CCTD Prods); Sebastian (Lands End/Betty Mae Prods); Joey (Afterthought/Film Noor); Macheath (Mac the Knife/CCTD Prods); Man 1 (lead) (The Human Factory/JC Prods).

Stephen can also be heard as Dr Goatberger and Mr Underschaft in a radio play of Terry Pratchetts Maskerade.

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