The Troika Collective is a company dedicated to collaborative, creative working practice. The collective seeks to give each of itís members freedom to speak with their voice within the agreed parameters of the creative vision. The result is work which embraces the strengths of itís individual members. Through this open approach work is produced which, while guided by the dramaturgy of the piece, gives the breadth of creative expression that only many voices working together can produce.

We believe that working with confidence and trust in each other in this way makes our work bold. Working with any one personís vision controlling the process too closely, for us, means working from insecurity. Insecurity shuts down creativity. Confidence and trust, craftsmanship and hard work, lead to freedom and mastery.

The company are currently focussed on producing text-based theatre, specifically classical theatre and within that Shakespeare. The company will always seek to produce the work of Shakespeare, but along side this have plans in development to stage two contemporary pieces in 2007, while the next Shakespeare is in planning.

The company look for actors who will work hard on exploring and improving their craft. By being secure and exploring choices they create the circumstances whereby they can work to freedom. We believe the actor should express, invest, think, bring interrogated ideas and by doing so generate material. We seek intelligence and a sense of curiosity from our performers as well as the initiative and desire to try things in many ways.

We feel that the process, the work, the questions raised and challenges met when working with complex text are our lifeblood.

The company has several education specialists. The process of working in education edifies everyone involved and can build the confidence of and raise expectations for young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with what is an expensive and often exclusive pastime. The company is particularly committed to working with those who cannot necessarily afford to take part. We would like to express our heart-felt thanks to the Wimbledon Civic Education Trust and the Ambassador Theatre Group for making this possible on our current production of Macbeth. We offer a range of workshops, from classical to devising for ages ranging from early years to adult. Bespoke coaching, masterclasses, summer schools, courses and workshops are available on request.